Benefits of Membership

Why join the Women’s National Book Association and our Charlotte chapter?  

In WNBA-Charlotte, you’ll meet like-minded people and help bring fun, book/literacy-focused events to the community, while learning more about the book world through our regular members’ meetings. Whether you’re a book industry professional, a book club member, or someone who loves books, you’re welcome in WNBA!  Also, as a member of the Charlotte Chapter, you are automatically a member of the WNBA National, including full access to the national website and blog and the members-only database.

Membership benefits include:

  • Members -only events provide perfect opportunities for focused networking.

  • Updates and invites to our monthly book club–a great way to share and discuss books with fellow book lovers.

  • Your blog will be included in the blogroll on WNBA websites, locally and nationally.

  • Books and publications during the membership year will be included in the WNBA Charlotte email footer.

  • Discounts on Bibliofeast tickets.

  • Park Road Books waives the stocking fee for self-published authors.

  • You can receive discounts on fellow members’ editing, marketing, and publicity services.

  • You have the chance to write for our local or national WNBA newsletters.

  • You have members -only access to the WNBA national website and opportunities to network with members in all 10 chapters.

  • Members receive a discount on entry fees for the national WNBA Writing Awards.

  • Your published works will be included in both the permanent collection and circulating collection of the Boston Public Library.

  • WNBA offers access to the list of Boston area authors willing to Skype with book clubs around the country.

Why I founded the Charlotte chapter of WNBA  

“I had been a member of the Nashville chapter of WNBA in 1998-99, thoroughly enjoying their summer reading group and reading several Westerns I never, ever would have read if it weren’t for them. Then I moved to New York to join the world of Big-Time publishing, and I naturally joined that chapter. They had vibrant panels with famous people discussing a wide range of topics, and I learned a lot and met a few people who would prove helpful in my personal network. Then I moved to Charlotte. I remained a member of the New York chapter, remotely, and read the email invites to the cool events with envy and wistfulness.  The idea of starting a chapter here occurred to me early on, but I didn’t know many book people outside of work, and I wanted the chapter to be diverse and have a wide variety of members, so I knew I had to bide my time. Meanwhile, I collected a few names of people to whom I thought I would reach out down the road when the time came.

“In February 2009, I emailed Tracey Adams of Adams Literary and she and I and Betsy Thorpe of Novello Press got together to discuss the possibility of a Charlotte chapter and to gauge interest. We thought we all knew a handful of people who would be interested, and they were enthusiastic about it, too. So about 15 women gathered March 1, 2009, at Park Road Books, an indie store in Charlotte, NC, to hear Mary Grey James, national President-Elect, discuss the history and goals of the WNBA. Soon after, Charlotte chapter officers were elected and bylaws were approved, and the chapter was officially chartered June 6 at the annual National Board meeting. At the first official meeting held June 23 at Park Road Books,  I — now chapter President —  reported on the National Board meeting and Treasurer Sally Brewster – also the store’s owner – presented her summer reading recommendations, in what has become an annual event.

I did found the chapter for networking purposes, but primarily in order to meet new bookish friends. And I have accomplished that in spades! Not only have I gotten quite a bit of business through a few WNBA-Charlotte contacts, but I count many of my fellow members among my good friends. I have learned a lot at the events and had a lot of fun. I have felt proud of our efforts in assisting the Friends of the Library with fundraising in a variety of venues, too.  But mostly, I love to talk about books with like-minded people, and that’s what we are at the WNBA.” —Carin Siegfried
Chapter Founding President 2009-2011; Full-service independent editor, author of The Insider’s Guide to a Career in Book Publishing

Book Club Lunch

“What do I get out of my WNBA membership? How about one word: Networking.  Ok, ok. I could write a sentence…but that really says it all!” –Carol Baldwin, Former Charlotte Board Member; Author of Teaching the Story, creative writing teacher, young adult fiction writer

“I’m so thankful to be included in an organization like WNBA. As an individual new to the book industry, I have been welcomed by intelligent, book loving women. I leave each meeting feeling ready to try new things.”–Nicole Ayers, WNBA Charlotte Board Member, founder, Ayers Edits

“I joined WNBA to familiarize myself with the publishing industry on a practical level. As an aspiring author, I find New York a bit frightening and far away. WNBA members are accessible local professionals with experience and connections that reach beyond my little cul-de-sac. As a book lover, I find WNBA members make the best kind of friends too.”–Carolyn Abiad, former Membership Chair

“Since my job as a financial strategist is far outside the realm of my love of books, WNBA Charlotte has given me a chance to meet wonderful women, many of whom work in areas encompassing all things ‘book’ related.  I enjoy learning more about the professional opportunities surrounding books, as well as having a place to go to get fresh ideas on what some new best-reads might be. I thrive on the lively conversations at the meetings, and making great new friends.” –Nicole Pilo, Financial Strategist

“Having moved from New York seven years ago, and working my whole professional life in book publishing, I was afraid it would be hard to find people who love books and the business of books (authors, agents, editors, sales, reviewers, publicists) away from New York. But I quickly found that there are so many people in the Charlotte area who are connected with books. I was particularly impressed by our amazing turnout for our book publishing business panel, co-hosted with the Charlotte Writer’s Club. I was really overwhelmed – over 200 people attended! The WNBA -Charlotte chapter has helped establish our city as a destination for those who love books.” –Betsy Thorpe, Founding Member, Charlotte Chapter, Freelance editor working in all genres, ghost writer

“Through our Charlotte chapter, I’ve become friends and colleagues with a group of smart, engaged women who all share my lifelong enthusiasm for books. In addition, I can contribute my own years of book industry experience to the chapter and WNBA nationally, which is both fun and professionally rewarding. There’s great energy in the WNBA Charlotte chapter, and I encourage everyone interested in books to join us.“–Susan Walker, 2011-2013 Chapter President, National Events Coordinator, National Reading Group Month, Independent book marketing, sales, and promotion consultant

“I joined WNBA in order to broaden my horizons. As a librarian, I am often called upon to know authors and works, but it is really enlightening to also learn more about the entire process to move an idea into a published work. I am enjoying the group as a whole and often report what I learn to my daughter, an aspiring writer.” –Gwen Clift, MLIS, WNBA Charlotte Member, Automation Trainer, Cataloger, Media Services, Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools – retired