WNBA-Charlotte Board members participate in the WNBA National Meeting in Nashville

— Four of our dedicated WNBA-Charlotte board members recently took part in the annual WNBA National Meeting, held this year in Nashville in early June.  Over 2 1/2 days of meetings, representatives of all 10 WNBA chapters and the national board of directors discussed ongoing and new initiatives for the organization, including preliminary plans for WNBA’s CENTENNIAL, coming up in 2017.

Our chapter was ably represented by:

Carin Siegfried, National Vice President and President-Elect and our WNBA-Charlotte Founding President
Kristen Knox, our 2013-2015 President
Emily Pearce, our 2013-2015 Vice President
Quinlan Lee, our current Treasurer and National WNBA Pannell Award Committee member









Photos:  Top — Kristen Knox, Carin
Siegfried, Daphne Kalotay (WNBA-Boston),
and Rachelle Yousuf (WNBA- Los Angeles)

Left — Quinlan Lee and Joan Gelfand
(WNBA-San Francisco and National Board)

Right — Kristen with LOTS of books!

The meeting in Nashville included a evening at Parnassus Books, highlighted by the presentation of the 2012 WNBA Award to author and Parnassus Books owner Ann Patchett.  Congratulations, Ann, and thank you for all you do for the world of books!









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