November 14 is our next meeting! Mark your calendar and plan to attend!

Don’t miss our upcoming meeting —

Monday, November 14,
6:30 – 8:00 PM,
at the Morrison Regional Library,
7015 Morrison Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28211  

We’ll be discussing book clubs and reading groups, and we’ll have a sample book club discussion, too.  Our featured book will be the novel CRESCENT by Diana Abu-Jaber.

Come talk about book clubs, what qualities make them work well, and what issues can cause them to disband or fizzle out.

In addition, we’re all reading the novel CRESCENT by Diana Abu-Jaber, and we’ll discuss this book together.  If you need a copy, you can buy it at Park Road Books, either in printed or E-book form.

 Diana Abu-Jaber : Official Web site : Crescent

Members and prospective members are welcome! Bring a book club friend with you and cncourage her or him to join our chapter, too.

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