Member Mondays- Jessica Daitch

Member Mondays is a new feature on the Women’s National Book Association- Charlotte blog. Interviews are allotted on a first-come, first-served basis. We plan to cycle through all members each year. Special highlight posts for members with new publications or announcements are available on an ongoing basis.

This week, we have WNBA Publicity Chair, Jessica Daitch.

About Jessica:

I’m a public relations consultant specializing in health and well-being communications. (I do not do book promotion.)  I also review romance novels and, occasionally, fantasy for Publisher’s Weekly.  I live in south Charlotte with my husband and two school-aged children.

Do you prefer ebook, paperback or hardcover?

I LOVE my Kindle because it is so convenient to throw in my purse —  I’m always waiting for a kid to finish an activity.  It’s also great for vacationing because you don’t need to bring a ton of books.  That being said, I’m well known at the library and borrow actual books all the time.  Why pay to read all the time?

What are your reading habits?

I read about one book a week.

What book are you currently reading?

At the moment, I am reading a book called Ready Player One.  It’s set in 2045 in a dystopic Earth where people spend most of their time interacting in a game simulation.  I’m also reading a military science fiction series called The Lost Fleet.  It’s a fun series that reads like a Star Trek TV episode (but better).  I also read lots of romance novels and I’m active in my neighborhood book club.  We try to read diverse genres annually, covering history, memoir/biography, alternate fiction, sci-fi/fantasy (usually, I pick this selection), “women in peril,” classics, etc.  We try to avoid books that everyone else is reading so that we can be exposed to a wider selection.  I also enjoy reading contemporary westerns. Presently, I recommend Juliet in August.

Where can other WNBA members connect with you?

 Twitter (JessinCharlotte) or



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