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December 2012 Newsletter

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Happy Holidays to everyone, and all the best for 2013!

Please join WNBA in giving generously to UNICEF this holiday season!


Give an Inspired Gift in the name of a loved one and UNICEF will ship lifesaving food, water and healthcare directly to children in desperate need. 

Inspired Gifts are real lifesaving products shipped straight from UNICEF warehouses to the children who need them most. Send a gift to children in need in the name of your loved ones, and they will mail a beautiful card to your loved ones letting them know how you have honored them.

Give by December 12 and your Inspired Gift will be matched, $1-for-$1, up to $250,000.

Mosquito Nets – Give three insect-repellent treated nets to protect children from mosquito-borne malaria for $18.75.

Ready-to-Eat Peanut Paste – Provide enough therapeutic food to save 10 children from acute malnutrition for $67.48.

School-in-a-Box Kit – Send enough supplies to hold class anywhere – even in the most dire circumstances for $236.06.

You may also choose to give UNICEF cards and gifts. When you give these unique gifts to your friends and family, you’ll support UNICEF’s lifesaving work.

Finally, you can also give the gift of life to children around the world – children in Angola who are at risk of acute malnutrition because of drought, or children in Pakistan whose homes have been inundated by horrific flooding.

On behalf of the children of the world, thank you for supporting UNICEF!

WNBA Supports the US Fund for UNICEF

Take a Stand for Girls’ Education

On October 9th, 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot for her tireless advocacy on behalf of Pakistani girls and their right to receive an education. The assassination attempt sent shockwaves around the world, instantly elevating the issue of girls being denied education in countries like Pakistan.

The benefits of educating girls cannot be denied. In fact, some estimates attribute half of the drop in the under five child mortality rate to an increase in women’s education.

In the last seven years, UNICEF has enrolled more than half a million girls as first-time students in Pakistan. Still, just 48% of girls are enrolled in school and, in some areas, female literacy is as low as 7%. UNICEF’s Education for All Children program seeks to change that.

Read more about UNICEF’s work!

Enter WNBA’s 1st Annual Writing Contest!

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Deadline for submissions is November 1, 2012.  Submit your entries today!

Celebrate National Reading Group Month in October!

October Is National Reading Group Month! 

Please visit the National Reading Group Month website for lots more details and useful information, too. 

And be sure to join us at WNBA Charlotte and celebrate with us at our 
Bibliofeast Book & Author Dinner!

The all new 2012 GREAT GROUP READS list of recommended books is here!  Check out this outstanding list of recommended books for book clubs and reading groups.  Several of our WNBA Charlotte members were on the selection committee, and they can tell you how good these books are, too.

BIBLIOFEAST 2012 is coming October 22! Mark your calendar today!

WNBA Charlotte’s

3rd Annual BIBLIOFEAST Book & Author Dinner
celebrating National Reading Group Month! 

Monday, October 22,
6:00 – 9:00 PM,
Maggiano’s Little Italy, SouthPark Mall, Charlotte,

8 to 10 terrific authors! Books for sale! Good food and libations!

 Purchase tickets online NOW or buy them at Park Road Books in Charlotte.

For more details, click here:  BIBLIOFEAST 2012

Author Ann Patchett Wins 2012 WNBA Award

The Women’s National Book Association has announced Ann Patchett as the winner of the 2012-2013 WNBA Award. The award is presented by WNBA to a living American woman who derives part or all of her income from books or the allied arts and has done meritorious work in the world of books beyond the duties or responsibilities of her profession or occupation. Patchett, in addition to authoring a number of bestselling books, opened the independent bookstore Parnassus Books in Nashville in 2011.

VOTE for your WNBA National officers! Vote by May 14!

As required by WNBA bylaws, via this post and via email, we are delivering the ballot below to all active WNBA – Charlotte members to allow you to cast your vote for the slate of officers put forth by the WNBA National nominating committee. 


You can cast your vote in favor of the slate by copying the list of nominees below into an email to Valerie Tomaselli ( ) and typing in “YES” after the name of each candidate.

PLEASE NOTE!  Our own Carin Siegfried is the nominee for Vice President/President Elect!  We think Carin will be an excellent addition to the WNBA National Board, and we know that our Charlotte chapter will benefit greatly from having Carin in this high profile national role.

Thank you for your support and participation!


Women’s National Book Association Slate of officers for 2012 – 2014:

Vice President/President-Elect:   Carin Siegfried, Charlotte, NC

Treasurer:   Gloria Toler, Nashville, TN

Secretary:   Annette Marie Haley, Detroit, MI

Cast your vote in favor of the slate by copying the list of nominees above into an email to Valerie Tomaselli ( ) and typing in “YES” after the name of each candidate.  Please be sure to vote by May 14. Thanks!

 Annette Marie Haley, WNBA Nominations Committee Chair
Committee members: Valerie Tomaselli, NYC, and Lisa Braxton, Boston


Read THE BOOKWOMAN – Spring 2012 issue!

The Spring 2012 issue of WNBA’s national newsletter, THE BOOKWOMAN, is available now. Read it here on our website! This new issue also includes an interview with our WNBA – Charlotte President, Susan Walker.

THE BOOKWOMAN Spring 2012 issue

For back issues, WNBA members can go to the national website and login to the Members Only area to access them.  (If you need the login, please contact us at WNBA – Charlotte for assistance.)



Monday, April 9,
6:30 – 8:30 PM,

International House, 322 Hawthorne Lane, Charlotte, NC 28204,

 —  An Evening of Multi-cultural Books and Reading  — 
—   UNESCO Awareness Evening  —

Our guest speaker is children’s book author, Monika Schroeder . She will be presenting her book Saraswati’s Way and discussing the challenges of writing a book with international issues like child labor, education in undeveloped countries such as India, and the effects of war on children.  Monika is an SCBWI Crystal Kite Award winner for Saraswati’s Way,  and she is also the author of The Dog in the Wood and My Brother’s Shadow. Find more information about Monika at

International House promotes international understanding by serving as a center for diversity, advocating for people of diverse national backgrounds, and facilitating professional and cultural exchange programs. International House is affiliated with the US Department of State via the National Council of International Visitors. 

IHCLT will be publicizing the event in their March newsletter. We hope that a representative from their International Book Club will speak at our meeting, too.

Park Road Books will have a book table at the event so people can purchase Monika’s books, as well as a group of selected titles including WNBA National Reading Group Month selection Tiny Sunbirds, Far Away by Christie Watson.

For more information about this meeting, please contact WNBA Charlotte Membership Chair Carolyn Abiad at