BIBLIOFEAST is October 13! Meet 10 terrific authors! Buy your tickets today — time is running out!


Join us on Monday, October 13 for…   

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A Literary “Moveable Feast” 


5th Annual Book & Author Dinner 
National Reading Group Month  

ickets available now! 
Tickets MUST be purchased in advance
— deadline Friday, October 10.

WHEN:   Monday, October 13, 2014, 6:00-9:00 PM    
                    Cocktails 6:00 PM (cash bar); Dinner 6:45 PM 
                    Books sold before/after dinner & program by Park Road Books 

WHERE:   Maggiano’s Little Italy Restaurant, SouthPark Mall  
                     4400 Sharon Rd, Charlotte, NC 28211 

WHAT:     A “moveable feast” dinner featuring 10 critically acclaimed writers 

TICKETS:  Tickets are available now.  
                   The deadline to purchase tickets is Friday, October 10. 

  • Purchase tickets online through PayPal. 
  • OR purchase tickets at Park Road Books, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, 704-525-9239 – cash or check only.  

Both WNBA members and the public are welcome! Book club members also are urged to attend together — ask us to reserve a table for you.

Download our Bibliofeast flyer and print it out, share it with your friends, give it to your book club, etc.  Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!


Don’t miss the fun! Meet these outstanding writers and talk with them about their new books!

  • Wiley Cash, THIS DARK ROAD TO MERCY, William Morrow/HarperCollins
  • Kim Church, BYRD, Dzanc Books
  • Joshilyn Jackson, SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE STORY, William Morrow/HarperCollins
  • Allegra Jordan, THE END OF INNOCENCE, Sourcebooks
  • Charlie Lovett, FIRST IMPRESSIONS, Viking/Penguin Random House
  • Erika Marks, IT COMES IN WAVES, NAL/Penguin Random House
  • Rebecca Petruck, STEERING TOWARD NORMAL, Amulet/Abrams
  • N.P. Simpson, B.O.Q.: AN NCIS SPECIAL AGENT FRAN SETLIFF NOVEL, John F. Blair Publishing
  • John Warley, A SOUTHERN GIRL, Story River Books/University of South Carolina Press
  • Kim Wright, THE UNEXPECTED WALTZ, Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster

Please go to the Bibliofeast page for more information and updates. We hope to see you there!

QUESTIONS? Please contact Susan Walker, National Reading Group Month Events Coordinator, at


BIBLIOFEAST 2013 — A great success!

Many thanks to our members, our featured guest authors, and our nonmembers friends who participated in our BIBLIOFEAST “Moveable Feast” Book & Author Dinner last night.  It was a great success with 70 people attending and talking enthusiastically about BOOKS and buying BOOKS all evening long. 

We already have lots of photos on our Facebook page, too. 
Click here to see them! 

We especially want to thank our nine outstanding authors, all of whom did a terrific job moving from table to table and telling us about their current and forthcoming books.  If you haven’t bought and read their books yet, we urge you to do so ASAP!  October is National Reading Group Month and a excellent time to share these books with your book club or reading group as well.


Click on the link above to find out more

WILTON BARNHARDT, Lookaway, Lookaway | St. Martin’s Press

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN, Necessary Lies | St. Martin’s Press

NORA GASKIN, Time of Death and Until Proven | Lystra Books

SUSAN GREGG GILMORE, The Funeral Dress | Broadway Books

TOMMY HAYS, What I Came to Tell You | Egmont USA

CASSANDRA KING, Moonrise | Maiden Lane Press 

REBECCA LEE, Bobcat and Other Stories | Algonquin Books

JAMIE MASON, Three Graves Full | Gallery Books

JOHN MILLIKEN THOMPSON, Love and Lament | Other Press


Bibliofeast tickets must be purchased by Friday, October 11!

Bibliofeast pastaPlease note!  BIBLIOFEAST tickets MUST be purchased in advance. The purchase deadline is Friday, October 11.

Tickets are NOT available the day of the event because we must guarantee our number of attendees to the restaurant in advance.

If you are planning to attend BIBLIOFEAST this year, please purchase your tickets ASAP this week. Thank you!!

  • Purchase tickets online – credit cards processed through PayPal
  • You also may purchase tickets at Park Road Books, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, 704-525-9239 – cash or check only

For more information about BIBLIOFEAST, click here.  We hope to see you there!

BIBLIOFEAST is October 14! Tickets available now!

Book lovers, buy your tickets today!

BIBLIOFEAST is only a week away!!

 Join us on October 14 for



A Literary “Moveable Feast” 

WNBA-Charlotte’s 4th Annual Book & Author Dinner
Celebrating National Reading Group Month 2013


WHEN:   Monday, October 14, 2013, 6:00-9:00 PM    

Cocktails 6:00 PM (cash bar); Dinner 6:45 PM
Books sold by Park Road Books before/after dinner & program

WHERE:   Maggiano’s Little Italy, SouthPark Mall, 4400 Sharon Road, Charlotte

WHAT:   A “moveable feast” dinner featuring 9 critically acclaimed writers

  • Both WNBA members and the public are welcome!
  • Book club members are urged to attend together – Ask us to reserve a table for you!
  • TICKETS must be purchased IN ADVANCE!  DEADLINE is FRIDAY, OCTOBER 11!!
  • Purchase tickets online – credit cards processed through PayPal
  • You also may purchase tickets at Park Road Books, 4139 Park Road, Charlotte, 704-525-9239 – cash or check only
  • Our 2013 BIBLIOFEAST flyer with all the details is readyclick here. Download this PDF and print it out, share it with your friends, give it to your book club, etc.  Thanks in advance for helping us spread the word!

The Charlotte Chapter of WNBA is sponsoring our fourth annual BIBLIOFEAST Book & Author Dinner in celebration of WNBA’s National Reading Group Month.  Our very successful 2012 BIBLIOFEAST highlighted 8 authors and was attended by over 60 people. This year we are hosting 9 authors and more attendees! Don’t miss the fun of meeting these outstanding writers and talking with them about their new books.



, Lookaway, Lookaway | St. Martin’s Press

DIANE CHAMBERLAIN, Necessary Lies | St. Martin’s Press

NORA GASKIN, Time of Death and Until Proven | Lystra Books

SUSAN GREGG GILMORE, The Funeral Dress | Broadway Books

TOMMY HAYS, What I Came to Tell You | Egmont USA

CASSANDRA KING, Moonrise | Maiden Lane Press 

REBECCA LEE, Bobcat and Other Stories | Algonquin Books

JAMIE MASON, Three Graves Full | Gallery Books

JOHN MILLIKEN THOMPSON, Love and Lament | Other Press

Check this website again for BIBLIOFEAST updates!


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WNBA Book Club News — And don’t miss tonight’s meeting – Tuesday, January 8!

We have started a book club in our chapter!  And we thought that we should take the list of Great Group Reads recommended for book clubs during National Reading Group Month as our reading guide.

Our next book is The Orchardist by Amanda Copeland. Discussion is on January 8, 7:00 PM, at the Panera at 5940 Fairview, right near SouthPark Mall. If you need more info, please contact Kristen Knox at .


Carin Siegfried, our Past President and current National VP, writes the following about our December book, I MARRIED YOU FOR HAPPINESS by Lily Tuck:

I thought I’d write up the discussion so that people who were interested but unfamiliar with a book club (how it works, what is discussed, is it interesting) could see what goes on, and also people who missed the meeting could find out what they missed. I will try to do this for each meeting, but it’s a lot of write up, so we’ll see. For this first meeting, I took notes on my phone, and I missed a few things, so there are some jumps and a few omitted lines, but I do not know shorthand! This still ought to give you the general gist of things. (I plan to record the next discussion which hopefully will help.)

The first book we read was I Married You for Happiness by Lily Tuck, a fairly short book of just 208 pages about one night when a woman, Nina, is sitting by the side of her dead husband, Philip, and reminiscing on their marriage and life together. Due to sicknesses, we were a few people short, but we still had a lively discussion. Our discussants ranged over a 20-year age span, some married some single, so it gave a good diversity of perspective that really helped the discussion. (The discussant listed as C1 was unable to come because she was ill but she sent K, the moderator, some of her thoughts and comments beforehand, so K incorporated them into the discussion where pertinent.) To clarify some points, Louise is Nina and Philip’s daughter, and yes the book is a novel although it read like a memoir which is why we ended up talking about memoirs.

-C1 (via K): You probably need to be European to really appreciate this story. The open-ended, internal style really does remind me of a French film. (I’ve actually seen the Juliette Binoche film Bleu, as well the others in that series.)

-K: Do you need to be European to understand the book? I don’t think so, although Americans do prefer endings.

-C2: It’s impossible to know since no one can ever experience it both ways.

-A: It is difficult to relate to Nina.

-C1 (via K): This book breaks all the rules. This book does everything I’ve been told not to do (in writing): telling, flashbacks, and esoteric interiority. Things that should evoke emotion, don’t, like the rape and abortion.

-T: Nina was floating through her life, complaining but not doing anything about stuff.

-K: But she was in shock, which makes her detached.

-A: Is she a reliable narrator?

-C2: But emotions are in reaction to others, plus the bad events she wasn’t very emotional about were forty years ago.

-T: But what about Iris?

-K: All three women, she never really knew if he had affairs with them. She didn’t know enough about them to ever deal with them.

-C2: And she knew all about the rape so that’s why she could deal with it.

-T: At the end, it seemed like she blamed Philip for a lot of things.

-K: Philip comes off as an entertaining, interesting guy from his lectures. It’s a subject matter I never would have taken (physics). I liked learning about Schrödinger’s cat; lucky Louise, for her Philip is still alive.

-A: Nina is very insecure and all of her relationships are broken, including with Louise.

-K: Jealousy of Louise is not unusual, especially with just one child.

-C2: Don’t forget she’s an unreliable narrator.

-K: Aren’t all first person narrators unreliable?

-T: It seemed like all of Nina’s relationships were somewhat dishonest except maybe the friend in the apartment?

-K: Do you think her marriage was happy?

-A: No.

-C2: Yes.

-K: I think she was contented.

-A: What did she do that made her seem happy?

-C2: Marriages are about compromise.

-A: How does she compromise?

-C2: Not hounding Philip about Iris.

-T: What about her giving up her career for him? What about the dinner with his colleague when she did the dishes?

-C2: She wouldn’t necessarily have been successful if they hadn’t gotten married.

-A: It was unfair when they were at the nude beach and Philip wanted her to cover up.

-T: I found Nina’s freedom surprising.

-K: The biggest clue about the title is the very end of the book. It’s a very contented image, Philip is waiting for her.

-C2: I didn’t like the random French. It felt pretentious.

-K: I liked the small lovely moments of the relationship, like when they were dancing in the house.

-T: I recognize the loveliness, but the highlighted moments seem to be the negative ones.

-A: Negative sexual encounters pervade the book like when she’s picturing Louise with a man lying on top of her like she’s dead.

T and A disagreed if a scene where Philip and Nina are having sex was happy or sad.

-T: It’s hot out and they have sex and they’re looking out.

-K: Sex and death have always been intertwined; it’s a natural affirmation of a life-threatening experience.

-C2: And intertwined like in Dracula.

-A: Are Nina’s sexual experiences all bad?

-K: Not all sex is great, some is mediocre, but I think overall it’s good. Her memories do only highlight a few instances. The fact that she hopes Louise is with a man does show that sex and relationships aren’t just a bad thing to Nina.

-C2: She’s thinking of how to break the news to Louise.

-K: She hopes Louise has someone to lean on.

-A: I think I just saw it through the jealousy lens.

-K: They don’t have the best relationship and now with Philip gone, hopefully Louise has someone who can help.

-C1 (via K): I think Quantitative Probability is cool. I found myself dreaming mathematical probabilities at 2 am, which made my head hurt. I think it means I understood Nina’s fascination and frustration with numbers. And the cat.

-K: It’s interesting that with Nina being an artist, it’s like they’re two sides of the same coin.  

-C1 (via K):  The red hat—is circling around to pick it up symbolic of their relationship?

-A: Also red is Philip’s favorite color, so that’s another compromise.

-T: She spends most of her time thinking about the past.

-K: Is that because the present and future are too hard to imagine? A spouse is such a part of your life that you can’t picture what shape it would take going forward.

-A: I see grief in her not eating and getting drunk, and worrying about the shutters and who would fix them.

-T: Drinking the wine to become muddled shows her inner conflict.

-A: She keeps trying to remember her exact words to him before he died.

-T: She’s bothered that she didn’t realizing those would be the last words she said to him and she wasn’t really paying attention.

-K: It’s something for her to focus on. You focus on weird stuff when someone dies.

-T: When something big happens, moments that seemed small are suddenly significant.

-T: I generally don’t like memoirs by women; women’s internal introspective thoughts seem indulgent.

-A: I like memoirs but I didn’t really like this book. There was no way we were ever going to get inside, emotions were just implied. It felt very stream-of-consciousness; it didn’t offer the depth of introspection I wanted.

-T: The Glass Castle I liked, but maybe it’s a difference in tone.

-C2: Took me a long time to figure out what books I like and dislike and you have to read some bad books to figure that out.

-K: Eat Pray Love is an example if a very self indulgent introspection. In this book, does Nina lie to herself? And does she recognize that? If not, is she really lying?

-C2: It’s how our brains evolved to deal with horrible things.

-A: Like when she said the affair wasn’t really an affair because it was only three times.

-K: Then there’s the issue of memory. As soon as something is past, it changes.

-C2: My sisters and I argue about events we were all at all the time.

-T: Have you read Love Is a Mix Tape?


Then K had to leave and the rest of us discussed memoirs we recommended for a little bit before breaking up.


BIBLIOFEAST is only 1 week away! Get your tickets today!

Our 2012 BIBLIOFEAST Book & Author Dinner is coming up NEXT MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 6-9 PM at Maggiano’s, SouthPark!

Click here for more info! 

Everyone, please join us and bring your friends, significant others, fellow book club members, anyone who loves books! Celebrate National Reading Group Month with us at our annual book & author dinner, this year featuring eight outstanding guest authors.

Don’t delay! Buy your tickets today — either online our our website or in person at Park Road Books in Charlotte. 

 Book clubs — we are happy to arrange reserved seating for your group at the dinner if you let us know in advance how many of you are coming together. Contact Susan Walker at or 612-382-5868 for assistance. Thanks!

Celebrate National Reading Group Month in October!

October Is National Reading Group Month! 

Please visit the National Reading Group Month website for lots more details and useful information, too. 

And be sure to join us at WNBA Charlotte and celebrate with us at our 
Bibliofeast Book & Author Dinner!

The all new 2012 GREAT GROUP READS list of recommended books is here!  Check out this outstanding list of recommended books for book clubs and reading groups.  Several of our WNBA Charlotte members were on the selection committee, and they can tell you how good these books are, too.

BIBLIOFEAST 2012 is coming October 22! Mark your calendar today!

WNBA Charlotte’s

3rd Annual BIBLIOFEAST Book & Author Dinner
celebrating National Reading Group Month! 

Monday, October 22,
6:00 – 9:00 PM,
Maggiano’s Little Italy, SouthPark Mall, Charlotte,

8 to 10 terrific authors! Books for sale! Good food and libations!

 Purchase tickets online NOW or buy them at Park Road Books in Charlotte.

For more details, click here:  BIBLIOFEAST 2012

WNBA Charlotte recommends good books for book clubs!

WNBA Charlotte has produced a brochure with tips on how to have a good book club or reading group.  AND we have our own lists of recommended books to offer you as well!

Check these out now — links to the PDFs are on the WNBA National Reading Group Month page


Thanks to everyone who made BIBLIOFEAST 2011 a big success!

Sixty book lovers and our nine featured guest authors gathered on Monday evening, October 10, for WNBA Charlotte’s 2nd annual BIBLIOFEAST Book & Author Dinner in celebration of National Reading Group Month. This year’s “moveable feast” included over 2 hours of enthusiastic book conversations, accompanied by plenty of Maggiano’s Italian cuisine and libations of choice. 

Our authors were the “moveable” part of the event, and each one visited with 5 table groups of avid readers in the course of the evening.  Both current and brand new WNBA members and non-members turned out for BIBLIOFEAST, including two book clubs whose members came together as groups.

All of our guest authors were terrific, so we want to thank them and their publishers again for their enthusiastic participation.  One of the very best ways to say thank you is to BUY AND READ THEIR EXCELLENT BOOKS! And if you’re in a book club, choose these books for your group’s reading list!

 (The links below will take you to pages for each author, plus links to their own websites, where you can find out more about them and their books.)


Ellen Baker, I GAVE MY HEART TO KNOW THIS, Random House, hardcover fiction


 Ann Hite, GHOST ON BLACK MOUNTAIN, Gallery Books/S&S, paperback fiction


 Marjorie Hudson, ACCIDENTAL BIRDS OF THE CAROLINAS, Press 53,  paperback short stories


Heather Newton, UNDER THE MERCY TREES, HarperCollins, paperback fiction
A 2011 Great Group Reads Selection



  Valerie Nieman , BLOOD CLAY, Press 53, paperback fiction



Michael Parker, THE WATERY PART OF THE WORLD, Algonquin, hardcover fiction


Drew Perry, THIS IS JUST EXACTLY LIKE YOU, Penguin, paperback fiction


 John Milliken Thompson, THE RESERVOIR, Other Press, paperback fiction



 Marybeth Whalen, SHE MAKES IT LOOK EASY, David C. Cook, paperback fiction



We have many people to thank for their help in making this event a big success:  our guest authors themselves and their publishers; our own members who sponsored our authors’ dinners; all of our members who helped organize and run BIBLIOFEAST this year; and Park Road Books, which sold books for us.  Many thanks again, everyone!

Special thanks go to WNBA itself and National Reading Group Month and its sponsors — Copia™ – Read Better Together; HarperCollins Publishers (Harper Paperbacks, Harper Perennial, Amistad, Ecco, William Morrow, & William Morrow Paperbacks); Ingram Content Group; SONY Style / SONY Reader™ Store. THANK YOU ALL!