Call for nominations! WNBA 2nd Century Prize! Deadline March 15

WNBA members — please note!

Nominations for the WNBA 2nd Century Prize have been extended through March 15, which is two weeks from Monday, so you still have a few weeks to get that in!

A reminder: The criteria for the prize will be:
–A national nonprofit literacy organization focusing on women and children which actively demonstrates the positive effects and joys derived from reading
–A domestic, not international, organization
–An organization that is accredited and fully vetted to be compatible with the mission of WNBA
–An organization in existence for a minimum of five years at the time of the presentation
–An organization in which the monetary amount of the prize would make a difference to its mission

The nomination form should be sent to Mary Grey James at

Thank you!!

Join us March 14 for a fascinating international program!

The World in Literature e3c6878391a64a5e8510a1d444a7a782
Francophone Women Writers
in the North African Maghreb
and Vietnam: 

A Discussion with
Davidson College
French Professor
Catherine Slawy-Sutton   


Monday, March 14, 7:00 PM  
Park Road Books  
Park Road Shopping Center   


We also welcome our special guests from Charlotte’s International House    

Expand your reading world! Come to our March 14 meeting at Park Road Books and add an international flavor to your reading list!  WNBA-Charlotte is delighted to welcome Davidson College French Professor Catherine Slawy-Sutton. Professor Slawy-Sutton will introduce us to the francophone literatures of North Africa (the group of countries collectively known as the Maghreb) and Vietnam, with a focus on women writers. We will also welcome the International House reading group moderator, with details of their selections and themes.

Slawy-Sutton_CatherineProfessor Slawy-Sutton provides her academic background:  

Born in Angoulême, France and raised in Dakar, Senegal, I hold a Masters degree in English from the University of Nice, France and a Ph.d in French from Indiana University, Bloomington.

At Davidson, I teach all levels of language and literature, from French 101 to Senior Major Seminar.  I particularly enjoy teaching my Introduction to Literature course “Childhood and Youth,” and my higher-level courses, “North Africa in Novel and Film,” “Maghreb: Francophone Authors,” “Asia in Novel and Film” and “Vietnam: Francophone Authors.” My research informs my teaching: I am interested in studying and teaching writers considered marginal in their own times or contexts. While my primary research interest has been Colette, I have also written on the genre of women’s autobiography, the contemporary French novel, literature or film by francophone authors from the Maghreb and Vietnam, and on the meaning of having been raised in Africa during the last few years of colonization. My current work focuses on Franco-Algerian writer Karima Berger.

I have served as newsletter editor for Women in French, as Review Editor for The French Review, as Resident Director on the Davidson-in-France program, and as Chair of the Department of French and Francophone Studies.


International House is a leading provider of direct services to Charlotte’s ever-growing international community, which numbers more than 104,000 immigrants and foreign-born citizens. A grassroots non-profit organization with a mission to promote international understanding and to serve immigrants in need, International House offers foreign-language conversation hours, cultural events, an international book club, citizen diplomacy programs, an international women’s group, language classes, free citizenship workshops, legal services for low-income immigrants, and much more.  Their International Book Club is in its third year, meeting monthly to share a love of reading and learn about diverse cultures by reading novels by international authors, with international settings and/or international themes.


UN DPI/NGO — Women’s National Book Association at the United Nations

The Women’s National Book Association has been a Non-Governmental Organization member of the United Nations since 1959. An NGO is defined as “any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on a local, national or international level. Task-oriented and driven by people with a common interest, NGOs perform a variety of services and humanitarian functions, bring citizens’ concerns to governments, monitor policies and encourage political participation at the community level.” More information……

Come to the next WNBA Great Group Reads Book Club meeting! Tuesday, March 1, 7 PM

We have a terrific book club in our chapter! 

As our reading guide, we take the list of 2015 Great Group Reads titles recommended for book clubs during WNBA’s National Reading Group Month. Starting in November 2015, we’re reading books from the current 2015 Great Group Reads list.  See below!

Our book for our March 1 meeting is….

by Ellen Urbani

Forest Avenue Press

Two mothers and their teenage daughters, whose lives collide in a fatal car crash, take turns narrating Ellen Urbani’s breathtaking novel Landfall, set in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Eighteen-year-olds Rose and Rosebud have never met but they share a birth year, a name, and a bloody pair of sneakers. Rose’s quest to atone for the accident that kills Rosebud, a young woman so much like herself but for the color of her skin, unfolds alongside Rosebud’s battle to survive the devastating flooding in the Lower Ninth Ward and to find help for her unstable mother. These unforgettable characters give voice to the dead of the storm and, in a stunning twist, demonstrate how what we think we know can make us blind to what matters most.

Ellen Urbani is the author of Landfall (2015, Forest Avenue Press), a work of contemporary historicaEllen-Urbanil fiction, and the memoir When I Was Elena (2006, The Permanent Press; a Book Sense Notable selection). Her writing has appeared in The New York Times and numerous anthologies, and has been widely excerpted. She has reviewed books for The Oregonian, served as a federal disaster/trauma specialist, and has lectured nationally on this topic.

“With her new novel Landfall, Ellen Urbani enters the world of American fiction with a bang and a flourish. She brings back the terrible Hurricane Katrina that tore some of the heart out of the matchless city of New Orleans, but did not lay a finger on its soul. It is the story of people caught in that storm and the lives both ruined and glorified in its passage. Her descriptions of the flooding of the Ninth Ward are Faulknerian in their powers. It’s a hell of a book and worthy of the storm and times it describes.” – Pat Conroy, author of The Prince of Tides

“A gorgeous and raw rendering of a young woman’s struggle for redemption, for forgiveness, for salvation, in the aftermath of the devastating catastrophe of Katrina. Landfallis not about a storm; it is about the resiliency of the human spirit, and our ongoing need to make sense of the world around us, no matter the cost. Urbani has crafted a powerful novel that will resonate in your soul long after you have turned the final page. Outstanding!” – Garth Stein, author of The Art of Racing in the Rain

Our meetings take place on the first Tuesday of each month, 7 PM, at the Panera on Fairview near SouthPark — see dates below. We have chosen books to take us through to next October when there will be a new Great Group Reads list released. If you have questions about our Book Club, please contact Kristen Knox at


Here are the books we’ll be reading in 2015-2016!

November 3 — Dietland by Sarai Walker (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)

December 1 — All My Puny Sorrows by Miriam Toews (McSweeny’s)

January 5 — Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League
by Jonathan Odell 
(Maiden Lane Press)

February 2 — Without You, There Is No Us by Suki Kim (Crown)

 March 1 — Landfall by Ellen Urbani (Forest Avenue Press)

April 5  — The Secret Wisdom of the Earth by Christopher Scotton
(Grand Central Publishing)

May 3 — Henna House by Nomi Eve (Scribner)

June 7 — Orphan #8 by Kim van Alkemade (William Morrow)

July 5 — The Wonder Garden by Lauren Acampora (Grove Press)

August 2 — Make Your Home Among Strangers by Jeannine Capó Crucet
(St. Martin’s Press)

September 6 — Did You Ever Have a Family by Bill Clegg
(Gallery Books/Scout Press)

October 4 — No. 4 Imperial Lane by Jonathan Weisman (Twelve)